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TINYnft: a proof of stake collaboration

Tinynft is a young startup that is working on a world-class NFT projects, one of which is NFTibet.

NFTibet is the first NFT protocol to be displayed in public space. It is also linked to the sustainable development goals. The project’s aim is to invite people to take a moment to remember what is real.

NFTree is a protocol that uses blockchain technology to allow you to plant your own decentralized tree and track your carbon reduction independently. You can be sure that what you’re doing is effective and not being falsely represented. This is your own personal way of saving the planet.

TinyNFT is collaborating with the Mexican musisian PeYo.io to create a dreamteam of cyber ninjas who are passionate about music and the implications of the blockchain environment. Peyo has unmatched skills in the musical realm, and together we combine our skills in the digital realm to create a powerful team. Our skillsets are the perfect complement to each other, and we’re excited to see what we can create together.

At Tinynft, we’re looking for partners who are entrepreneurial, have a flexible mindset, and the stamina to handle a steep learning curve. If you fit that description and you’re looking for a partner to help you on your journey, lyou found one.

Our ecosystem: powered by love and guided by nature.

The only rule of The DAO is to talk about The DAO

the club has one rule

Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) offer advantages over traditional organisations, including being decentralised.

Launch your own, DAO

DAOs have a lot of advantages that make them good for things like decentralised companies and open-source projects. TINYnft can help you break into many industries with its new way of organising and operating–which is more efficient, resilient, and transparent. Let TINYnft mentor you in taking the first steps of your new sense of freedom

NFTibet in numbers

NFT’s serie’s
Trees planted
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co 2 reduced

Start your web 3 adventure today

Together we can make the next step in evolution, #TINYnft

Rock solid

One of the most important things you can do in web 3 is build a strong online presence and foundation. This is the first step in the space, and your first self-owned tinynft will be your key to the space.

I was amazed

different stuf different dimension

now we kan start to scale

The high life

By the end of this course, you’ll know everything you need to in order to create a successful NFT project, from start to finish. You’ll also have practical skills like being able to build your ecosystem, construction, minting your first block, NFT gated acces, and getting to know your AI super power.
/ month

I am so happy, now i have a sustainable future, knowledge is key

as an artrist i became a weapon of mass love thrue blockchain

The biggest evolution in art is here

quantum flux

Quantum flux is a term used to describe the ability to achieve complete freedom and financial independence. As long as you have internet access, you can achieve this by simply working on your own projects and generating income. Book a call now and stop hoping and start knowing!

Together with the Tiny team i felt like smiling, Tashi Norbu

Together creating value in the space, simply magic, Ivan Paitre

The basis of all collaboration is love, PeYo

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